PT Chartered Reinsurance Brokers

Supported by over 40 years of professional experience and expertise in the Insurance industry, the well reputed shareholders have now ventured into the Reinsurance broking business as PT Chartered Reinsurance Brokers.

With a perception of innovative ideas, distinctive approach to the marketplace and operational excellence, Chartered Reinsurance provides high quality services of international standards. Our view is to achieve higher positions of mutual financial prosperity and market leadership.

Due to the rapid growth in today's Insurance industry, market competitiveness, various specific financial demands and the rise of technology, Reinsurance decisions have become more complex resulting in higher expectations of financial conditions and capital strategies. Chartered Reinsurance leads securities in providing empowering Reinsurance solutions, through our products in several chosen coverage sectors. We, as an intermediary, make our way to be the proficient service provider and superior value creator for Reinsurance required by every Insurance Company in the country. We join hands to build delightful, mutually beneficial & long-term business relationships with our valued Ceding Companies consistently.

We are committed to a strong philosophy of professionalism, trust and integrity. This is underpinned by the realization that we are in a globally integrated world of Insurance and Reinsurance security for the growth and prosperity of mankind, especially when confronted with unexpected situations. However, our success is based on the sensitivity we bring to the needs of our clients. Our priority is their utmost protection, keeping in mind the principles and guidelines of the industry.

"WE SERVE TO PROTECT" is our motto. Therefore, we are ready to place all your insurable risks for maximum protection. You will feel the difference!