Why should an Insurance Company engage a Reinsurance Broker?

Completing a Reinsurance transaction is not as simple as it may seem. The process involves a variety of contributors to ascertain which risks are to be transferred, in what amount options, to which Reinsurance Company, analytics, counterparty credit risk analysis and relationship management, which composes every Reinsurance transaction. Perhaps the most fundamental role of the Reinsurance broker, being a representative of the Insurance Company, is to help them in the process of risk transfer. Typically, this involves scouring the Reinsurance market for the companies willing to assume a particular risk and capable of supporting it. Their requirements vary and the Reinsurance broker helps the Ceding Company navigate this maze to determine the most appropriate Reinsurers. We, as Reinsurance brokers, have the strategic understanding of the same and also provide high quality services, competitive rates and complete coverage for all types of Insurance needs. We constantly update our knowledge and our relationship with every Insurance and Reinsurance Company, in order to keep pace with frequent market developments.

Why should you pick Chartered Reinsurance?

Chartered Reinsurance proudly holds the expertise in this industry along with our thorough knowledge in developing, managing, placing and servicing complex solutions for you. Our role is to create customized Reinsurance programs tailored to the unique features of your risk appetite and identify the most suitable Reinsurer to secure your needs, thus, being an important medium to place your risks. Chartered Reinsurance always maintains strong, long-term relationships and a trustworthy bond of mutual growth with several Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in the local, as well as, foreign marketplace. Since we are legally authorized to deal with them, hence, we actively update ourselves with the latest range of Insurance coverage available in the market.

Chartered Reinsurance is here to serve and provide you with the maximum protection.